• Lamb Package (10lbs)

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    $147.20 $130.20
  • New Zealand Lamb Package (20lbs)

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    Included in this package:

    Bone-in leg
    Lamb chops
    Rack of Lamb
    Lamb Ribs
    Ground Lamb

  • Soup Bones (5lbs)

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    Bone broth is increasingly being rediscovered for its health benefits, as it is an excellent natural source of collagen, glutamine, proline and glycine, plus many minerals. All traditional cultures have bone broth as a staple in their diet. It is said to promote digestion, skin and joint health, and immune system function.

    Our beef bones come 4-5 in a bag. They include a random selection of marrow and knuckle bone pieces. They can be kept frozen indefinitely.

    Can only be ordered with any 20 & 25LB meat box

  • The Supreme Beef & Lamb Package (30lbs)

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    Beef: Any combination of steaks (Wing, Round, Porterhouse, Rib, Blade, T-Bone, Sirloin), roasts (Round Steak, Prime Rib, Blade, Short Rib, Sirloin Tip, Cross-Cut Rib Roast), braising ribs, stewing beef, ground beef.

    Lamb: Any combination of leg, rack, chops and ground lamb